Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pocket Full of Snowflakes

Created by Lisa Rojas, Stampin' Queen Creations
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Before the holiday season is over I wanted to share one more quick and easy card.  This card may look difficult but it really is easy to create.  You'll see in my photos that not only did I use the Get-it-Straight Laser Square but I also used the new Multi Mat from KellyCraft Innovations.

The Multi Mat works hand in hand with the Get-it-Straight Laser Square.  It will take your projects to a whole new level and making all of your layering and adding embellishments an absolute breeze!

Pocket Full of Snowflakes
Finished Card- 6" x 6"


Cardstock- Aqua, Blue
Pattern Papers- Striped, Snowflake
Various Snowflake Stickers
Word Stickers
Pearl Stickers
White Doily
Light Blue Fibers
Snowflake Brad

Gather all of your supplies
Cut aqua cardstock 6" x 12" and fold in half.  This
is the base card.  Cut blue cardstock and both
pattern papers 5 3/4" x 5 3/4".

Place pattern paper on the Multi Mat and using
the Get-it-Straight Laser Square align pattern paper
onto the base card and glue together.
Glue blue cardstock to snowflake pattern paper.
Using the Distrezz-it-all machine, distress the
edges of the papers.

Fold the left corner of the snowflake paper down
and attach the blue brad.  Glue the snowflake papers
to base card leaving a small pocket.  Glue the doily
and blue fibers into the pocket.

Adhere the snowflake stickers to the card.
Use the Get-it-Straight Laser Square, adhere
the Winter Wonderland sticker to card.

Next, adhere the pearl stickers.

Adhere the small snowflake stickers to upper right
side of the card.
And add the other two snowflake stickers to the
left side of the card.

Close up of the snowflake pocket.

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