Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get-It-Straight School Magnets

School Magnets by Ann Butler

I have collected a lot of magnets over the years; the kind of magnets that calendars, events and other things are printed on. They are to good to throw away but are out of date so they are perfect to re-purpose. With back to school here already I thought this would be a great time to make some school magnets...the kind that can be used to show off those great school projects, spelling test, drawings and other things that parents so proudly place on the fridge from their kids. I grabbed some white card stock and printed off some sayings like: "Awesome", "Good Job" and "Way to Go" using the Floot font from the Duetica Lettering System. I cut them out and layered them on top of some print card stock in school colors using the "Get-It-Straight" Laser Square and glued them onto the magnets, then I trimmed the magnet down to size. Oh so quick and easy, but the kids are going to love them.


"Get-It-Straight" Laser Square by KellyCraft Innovations

Card Stock: White
Card Stock: Print

 Create words or sayings with the Duetica Lettering System and print out onto white card stock.
 Trim words/sayings, cut print card stock 1/2" larger then words/sayings.

 to align the words/sayings onto the print card stock

 glue in place; then glue onto the magnet and trim as needed.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Martha, it is such a cool must have tool!

  2. I need this cool tool. No matter how much I measure, I manage to paste it down crooked! Great way to reuse old magnets, too!

    1. It does make a difference, and the laser square works on so many projects, I keep thinking of new ways to use it...and yes we all have old magnets around so this is a great up-cycle project.

  3. Great tool! I love anything that helps make measuring easier. This seems ideal!

  4. I am fascinated by this tool. Seems very versatile! Thanks for sharing the link!