Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glittered Stripe Vase

Now that I have a no fuss way to get straight lines using the "Get-It-Straight" Laser Square - all of those "blah" vases hiding in the back of my cabinet are getting glittered stripe makeovers! Here's what you need if you want to update your vases this holiday season -


First cut your double sided tape to the diameter of the vase. Then using your laser square to lay your tape sticky side up every half inch. The laser square makes this easy peasy to get the stripes straight! Once you have your tape straight and spaced out you'll place your vase on top of the tape and roll it along the tape. Be sure to start in the corner of the laser square as that helps you roll the vase straight.

Use a sponge brush to add Mod Podge in between tape lines and then sprinkle your glitter on. 

Alternate colors. Once dry you can then take off the double sided tape protective film and glitter the tape too. Then voila!


Aren't those the most perfect stripes?

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