Monday, October 22, 2012

Foam Stamped Baby Onesies

Project by Andrea Currie

Getting acrylic stamp letters lined up perfectly can be hard, even with the acrylic block grid lines! However, if you have a Get-It-Straight laser square you will be lined up and stamping like a pro in no time. In fact that's exactly how I made these foam stamped onsies with ease!


White Cotton Onesie
Foam shapes and letters (creatology)
Fabric paint (I used Tulip)
Painters Tape
Parchment paper or cardboard
Double sided sticky tape
scrap paper


KellyCraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square
Foam brush
Acrylic block


  • Insert parchment paper or cardboard into onesie.
  • Tape onesie down to surface.
  • Turn laser on and arrange your letters exactly as you would read them on the onesie. Then arrange your other shapes around it.

  • Adhere double sided sticky tape to acrylic block.
  • stamp acrylic block down onto they design you just arranged.
  • Peel off sticker backing from letters and shapes.
  • Dab paint onto stamp and wipe off excess paint off the acrylic block with a damp towel. It's ok if you have some paint on the acrylic but not a lot.
  • Test stamp on scrap paper for crisp even design and adjust accordingly for your onesie.
  • Line your laser to the location on the onesie that best suites your design and then stamp!

For more fun design ideas check out this video of me demoing the Foam Stamp technique on San Diego 6 News!

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