Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life is Better in Flip Flops Key Chain by Cindi Bisson

Life is Better in Flip Flops Key Chain
Designed by Cindi Bisson

I love this Jimbo Lojik™ verse and decided it would be fun to make a colorful key chain to go with it!  


KellyCraft™- Jimbo Lojik™ Set E
                     - Multi-Mat™
Makin's Clay® - Neon Pink 
                         - Clay Roller 
Stewart Superior Black Palette™ Inkpad 
Blumenthal Lansing Flower Buttons 
The Buckle Boutique Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Sheets 
Beacon® Tacky Glue™ 
1/4" ribbon 
Key Ring 
Craft knife, scissors 


On Multi-Mat™, roll Neon Pink Makin's Clay® to about 1/4" thick.   The mat is a great surface for working with clay as the clay does not stick.  

Use craft knife to cut flip flop shape about 3 1/2" long (if desired, print template from computer). 

Ink verse with black ink, stamp onto clay at base of flip flop (heal end). 

Make small holes on left and right side of clay base about 1" from heal end and on toe end about half inch from end (large enough for the key ring at the top) (I simply made my holes where they 'looked right' for the straps on a flip flop!). 

Let clay dry 24 hours. 

Cut piece or 1/4" ribbon long enough to fold in half and push through hole in "toe" of flip flop, adding small amount of Tacky Glue to hold in place on bottom of flip flop.  Bring ends down through holes on sides of flip flop, glue in place.  Let dry. 

Cut pieces of Self-Adhesive Rhinestone strips to fit over the ribbon straps.  
Place flip flop onto sheet of Self-Adhesive Rhinestones and cut out piece to fit on bottom of flip flop.  Use Tacky Glue to adhere rhinestone sheets to ribbon and to base of flip flop  (yes, they are self-adhesive sheets, but this key chain will get a lot of handling and I wanted to be sure they would stay attached over time with use). 

Glue flower buttons over straps as accent.   Let dry.  Add key ring and you are ready to add your keys. 

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  1. What a super key ring for the Summer season, really neat!