Thursday, March 21, 2013

Personalizing your Laser Square

LaserSkin - Camo

Did you know that you can personalize your Get-It-Straight Laser Square with Laser Skins?

They come 3 to a package and there are 5 themes to choose from so you are sure to fine just the one that is right for you......

Camo, Giraffe,  Jungle, Leopard and Paisley
LaserSkin - GiraffeLaserSkin - Jungle Natural PatternsLaserSkin - LeopardLaserSkin - Paisley

How easy is it?

Peel off you current Laser Skin

Choose which your new Laser Skin;
which is the hardest part :)

Peel the protective backing off
and place onto your Laser Square

Repet for the other side,

and you are done....
that quick and easy.....

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